Post Mark Press, Inc.

Image Collections

Here you will find just a tiny fraction of the thousands of images drawn from vintage postcards and photographs; retro magazine ads; and other ephemera.  Although we specialize in 20th century women, we offer a wide variety of  iconic images from throughout the ages, ranging from Abraham Lincoln to silent film stars to candid photos from the 60s through the 80s.

Travel through the ages.  Start your trip with Victorian Flirts and Suffragettes.  Progress to Flappers; Fashion Models; Glamorous Stars of the Stage and Screen; and wrap it up with Kitschy 50s homemakers and Office Workers from the 60s who inspired the popular AMC television series,  Mad Men.  Enjoy your journey, but remember, we do not sell cards or any other tangible products.  We are product designers who combine colorful imagery with contemporary humor to create successful product lines. Please contact us for more information.